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Our Mission

The mission of SOAR is to rescue purebred Airedale Terriers who have found themselves without a home, and help them get started on the road to a happy, new life.

SOAR's Diana Muldaur Fund

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Second Chance

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SOAR's Cindi Mysyk Fund

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2015 Aire Affaire Event

June 27, 2015

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Layla's Fund

Layla's Fund helps adoptive families with unexpected expenses.
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Before you inquire about one of our Airedales listed below, please take the time to read about our Adoption Process and fill out an Adoption Application on-line by clicking on the "Adoption Application" button found at the bottom of the "Adoption Process" page.


Senior Airedales   Special Needs Airedales

Irish - 8.5 years


Airedales for Adoption by State


Airedales for Adoption by Age

Bear - Illinois (male)

Irish- Michigan (male)

Lucky - Michigan (male)


Bear - 3.75 years (male)

Lucky - ~5 years (male)

Irish - 8.5 years (male)


Irish (14-013-OH)

Age: 8.5 years

Weight: 77 pounds

State: Michigan

Contact: Mark Howitz at or 847-541-0166

WANTED: Human male adopter to bond with!

My name is Irish and I'm 8.5 years young.  My life changed suddenly about a year ago when my elderly human male died and I found myself uprooted and put into rescue.  Man, did I miss him, but the nice people at SOAR seemed to understand.  While they began helping me adjust mentally, they told me I needed some TLC for my physical ailments also.  I had several different infections and was in a lot of pain with my displaced knee caps due to having bowed rear legs.  They promised me they would help me find another human male to love again, but the first order of business was to address my physical pain.

With SOAR's backing and my foster momma's help, I met some very nice ladies at the Animal Rehab Facility in Dexter. They put me through the paces with many different exercises which included the hydro treadmill.  I didn’t think I would like the water that much, but it was nice and warm and made me feel good while I worked out.  You oughta see my muscles now!  They also treated me to cold laser treatments and chiropractic adjustments.  I never thought that cracking my bones would make such a difference but now I like those the best.  Dr. Mary works magic with her hands!  Boy have I learned a lot!

You can view a video of my transformation on the link below. I am the handsome one in case you can’t tell.  ;-) 

My foster momma takes me for several walks each day.  I'm very well behaved on leash and pride myself on sniffing out rodents.  I wasn't a touchy feely kinda guy before coming into rescue as I was in pain from my condition, but with my foster momma's patience and encouraging words, I now enjoy being groomed.  I am a very handsome boy and she knows how to bring out the best in a guy!  

Even though I have foster doggie siblings, I'd much rather have a home all to myself, except for a human male to bond with, of course!  My foster momma has been great but she can tell I am missing a man presence in my life.  I promise I'll even share my male human with his significant other.  I absolutely love car rides, walks where I can explore new places, being silly with my big red plastic ball toys, and meeting new people.  However, I need dedicated, patient humans willing to love me as I am.  After all, I gotta be me.  In return I will show you never ending loyalty and appreciation.  

Will you be the one to help me make new memories?

Click on the word "Post" for a Facebook video of Irish
Post by Darla Dickensheets

  Lucky (15-001-MI)

Age: ~5 years

Date of Birth: 10/1/2009

Weight: 78 pounds

State: Michigan

Contact: Mark Howitz at or 847-541-0166

Lucky is a new guy in rescue who is looking for a new man in his life to bond with.  Must be someone who can be a benevolent leader and will set boundaries for him.  He needs to work for his meals with and sit and stay and to wait for a release.  When it's time for a walk he needs to retrieve his leash.  Give him a job!  He would benefit greatly from it.  If there is a woman in the picture in his new family, she should also be on board with being a benevolent leader.  No kids or cats please.  We also feel that Lucky would be best as an only dog.

On the flip side, Lucky would also love someone who LOVES to throw Wubbas and Frisbees, go for walks, and do some training with him.  If you live near a lake it would be a plus as Lucky loves the water!  Lucky is fun and affectionate, but needs someone who is dog savvy and not a pushover, as Lucky gets in trouble when he is in charge.  He is with one of our trainers and we are still getting to know him.  If you think you are just the guy that Lucky has been waiting for - maybe today could be his ‘lucky’ day!  Give Mark a shout.

Bear (15-006-IL)

Age: 3.75 years

Date of Birth: 7/12/2011

Weight: 69 pounds

State: Illinois

Contact: Mark Howitz at or 847-541-0166

Hi, my name is Bear and I do look very much like a teddy bear. I have some anxiety issues but have been working with a trainer and have improved tremendously. I am still sensitive to having my collar touched or certain areas of my body, but I like other dogs and would prefer to live with a dog buddy, but being an only dog would be okay too. I like people, am affectionate, and have no aggression issues with food or toys. I had some nipping issues in the past but those have been worked out by my trainer. She says I’m doing great. I prefer adults and would probably do best with no small children. Since I do worry about some things, I really would like to have someone home with me most of the day. An above ground fenced yard would also help me feel safe when playing outdoors with my dog buddy. I have a typical Airedale prey drive so cats are not appreciated. I am a great dog who is insecure about some things and needs someone to reassure me that everything is okay. If you are home most of the day, have a fenced yard, no small children, and the patience to help me feel secure, I will reward you with affection and joy. Please call Mark if I sound like the dog for you.