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Our Mission

The mission of SOAR is to rescue purebred Airedale Terriers who have found themselves without a home, and help them get started on the road to a happy, new life.

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Airedales for Adoption



Before you inquire about one of our Airedales listed below, please take the time to read about our Adoption Process and fill out an Adoption Application on-line by clicking on the "Adoption Application" button found at the bottom of the "Adoption Process" page.


Senior Airedales   Special Needs Airedales

Buffy - 8 years

Faith - 8 years


Buffy - 8 years

Irish - 7.5 years


Airedales for Adoption by State


Airedales for Adoption by Age

Arkansas - Buffy (female)

Illinois - Dabby (female)

Michigan - Irish (male)

Ohio - Clancy (female)

Ohio - Daisy (female)

Ohio - Faith (female)


5 years - Dabby (female)

5 years - Daisy (female)

7 years - Clancy (female)

7.5 years - Irish (male)

8 years - Buffy (female)

8 years - Faith (female)


Daisy (14-033-OH) - Adopted!

Age: 5 years

Weight: 72 pounds

Sex: female

State: Ohio

Contact:  Mary O’Connell at 513-543-5700 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello. My name is Daisy. I am a five year old, sweet, pretty, girl that needs a new forever home.   I am spayed, up-to-date on shots, and heartworm negative.  Whatever that means, but that’s what the man in white coat they called a “vet” said!   Also, the groomer and I got along fine.  I love being around humans as long as they are taller than me, but no small/young children. I also lived with a furry thing they called a cat.  It never bothered me as it slept most of the time and didn’t have any claws so I didn’t get scratched when I chased it.  I know all my commands, am trained to the Invisible Fence, and my foster mom says I mind pretty well.  I have to go to a home where I will not be locked up, either in a crate or small room as I have a bad case of claustrophobia.  As long as I can go out, like through a doggie door, or at least have run of the house, I can be left alone as long as it isn’t for too long, as I get lonesome.  With my latest life changes I tend to get afraid if I'm by myself for long periods.  Right now, I’m living with Sammie Aire-girl, and as long as she stays away from my food, I like her okay.  She pretty much just hangs out and is not a threat to me. At first, I’m a little defensive around other big doggies, but when I get to know them, I’m fine.  In a perfect world, though, I would like to be only dog.  I do itch a little at times, especially during allergy season so I need grain-free food.  Of course, if you just fed me milk bones and popcorn, I’d be happy and if you scratch my tush once in a while - my sweet spot - I’d think I was in heaven.

If I can live with you, I promise I will love, honor, and obey forever and ever!


Dabby (14-025-IL)

Age: 5 years

Weight: 75 pounds

Sex: Female

State:  Illinois

Contact: Ed Stuebe at 708-728-0102 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dabby was originally surrendered to SOAR because she did not get along with the Welsh in the family.  However, she gets along great with her foster dad’s three Airedale girls.  Yes, that is FOUR Airedale girls all getting along. <g> Here is some more of what her foster dad had to say.

“Dabby is 5 years old and is about 75 pounds.  She is more of a blond Airedale, not the reddish ones we sometimes see.  She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her shots.  Dabby is housebroken, and obedience trained.  She has an elevated PVC bed and knows “go to your bed”.  She does not counter surf…no begging at the table.  She walks well on a leash.  She shares toys and tennis balls with my dogs and plays tug with them.  She does not have any food issues and will share the water bowl with my dogs.  She loves people  and will sometimes be underfoot just to be near you.”

Dabby was very much attached to the man in her previous family and really likes her foster dad.  Foster dad feels that she should have a man in her life again in her new family.  It would also be best if she didn’t have little dogs in her new life, although she seems to get along with dogs her own size.  No small children either please.  Perhaps ages 8 and up would be okay.

Dabby had a cancerous tumor removed a while back and went through chemo and radiation.  As of her last checkup, she is doing great.  She also has Wilson’s disease, which is the body’s inability to process copper.  What this means is that she needs to take a prescription drug for the rest of her life.  This prescription is very expensive here in the US, but SOAR obtained almost a three month supply through Canada Drug that only cost $205.  The previous family had done their research and Canada Drug is indeed the least expensive way to go.  As of Dabby’s last blood workup, she is doing fabulous on her meds for Wilson’s disease.

Do you have a place for Dabby in your heart and home?  She is a sweet girl who enjoys lovin’.



Faith (14-005-IN) - Adopted!

Age: 8 years

Weight: 68 pounds

Sex: Female

State:  Ohio

Contact:  Mary O'Connell at 513-543-5700 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi, everyone.  This is Faith with new photos and an update on her life.  She is in a new foster home and loves it, but would really like to find her forever home!  She is housebroken and loves her walks and car rides.  She walks on one side of her foster dad when they go for walks, no zig-zagging.  If she sniffs too long, all foster Dad has to do is snap his fingers twice and they are one their way.  She goes to bed when she's told to go to bed and she loves her bed.   Once she finds her forever family, she will really be a loyal dog.  She has bonded with her foster family and follows them around a lot.  She comes when she is called or hears a whistle.  She needs a yard with a 6' privacy fence because she can jump a 4' fence like a gazelle and climbs chain link fencing.  Or, if you do not have a fence, she loves to spend time with you outside on her leash or a long line.  She is crate trained although she doesn't need to spend time in it.  She doesn't beg during meal times.  She loves her humans and prefers being your only dog as she craves all of your attention.  She would rather not share her home with cats either.  She has gone to the dog park and plays with other dogs, but she is a little rough and some other dogs don't understand or like the way she plays.  Faith loves people and enjoys the attention she receives from the neighbors.  She is an easy going girl that enjoys hanging out with her family and sleeping on her comfy bed.  If you need more information on Faith, please contact Mary.

Irish (14-013-OH)

Age: 7.5 years

Weight: 83 pounds

Sex: Male

State:  Michigan

Contact: Mark Howitz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847-541-0166

My name is Irish and I am a 7.5 - 8 year old male that is considered special needs. You see, I was born with bowed rear legs that are also unnaturally straight which causes my knee caps to displace. Despite my physical limitations I am your typical happy, vocal, strong, and spirited Airedale that enjoys meeting new people. I love to play with my big, red ball and go for leisurely walks. The human I adored passed away, and I now find myself looking for a loving, patient furever home. My foster momma says I would thrive best in an Airedale experienced home with no other dogs, cats, or children.


Clancy (14-038- OH)

Age: 7 years

Weight: 52 pounds

Sex: Female

State: Ohio

Contact: Mark Howitz at 847-541-0166 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OK, so I have a boy’s name, but I assure you, I am all girl. I look a little shaggy in these photos but I am headed for a spa day soon and will be all gussied up when you take me home. Also, I am being spayed September 9, so I will need a week or so to rest and recover before I can go home with you. After all, a petite girl like myself needs her beauty rest. I am updated on all my shots, micro-chipped, and heartworm negative.

I was surrendered because I was leery of the new baby that is now walking but I love to run and chase with older children (6 or older) in my foster mom’s backyard. I also love to go for walks and carry my rubber bone with me. I do have one small issue; I do not like car rides of any length. I start to nervously pant and drool excessively.

I love other dogs and lived with two Jack Russell Terriers before my dad got married and I moved in with him. I am very sweet and enjoy lying by your feet or being petted while I rest my head on your lap. My foster Airedale sister, Morgan, is my new buddy and I think she is great.

I am housebroken and will bark when I need to go out and I don’t counter surf. I would love to have a home where someone is home most of the time and would be my new best friend. A fenced backyard where I can run and chase would sure be nice too. I’m also told that I am gorgeous but I already knew that.

Do you have a place in your home and your heart for a sweetheart that requires so little and will give so much? If so, please call Mark and tell him that you want me as much as I’ll want you.

Buffy - (14-024-AR)

Age:  8 Years

Weight:  55 pounds

Sex:  Female

State:  Arkansas

Contact:  Chris Bettis 501-231-4300 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When Buffy first came into rescue, SOAR took her immediately to our vet where she was brought up to date on all shots and was spayed but the neglect found was extensive;  her ears were severely infected, she was missing fur and her skin was abscessed in areas, her bottom was raw from urine leakage, feces were stuck to her fur, eyes runny and infected, and her coat was dull, dirty, and ragged.  She was so sad looking and her eyes said, “How can humans be so unkind?” Buffy had a long journey before her to mend her health and emotional issues.

Shortly after that, she was adopted by a family and the family loved her even with all her baggage. Perhaps they even broke through the hard exterior of her heart with small cracks, but Buffy was still a loner and preferred to go lie in her crate or in another room, even though her family was in the house.  She did come to them when they called her name and she seemed to enjoy the attention, pats and love, but still isolated herself regularly.  Her one love was walks and car rides. She loved to GO!  And she loved the whistling of her dad as she perked her ears to find him.

Unfortunately during the two years that they had her, Buffy continued to have infection after infection in one ear. They changed her diet, bathed her in medicated baths, and treated her ear over and over and over as she was in constant pain and her demeanor grew more and more solemn.  FINALLY, after many visits to the vet they were told that her ear canal would have to be removed - a total ear canal ablation. The cost of the surgery by the specialist was over $2500 and an amount the family did not have.  They agonized and agonized and then finally called SOAR and surrendered her back to us.

We immediately picked her up from the vet office and started making plans for her ear surgery.  The ear surgery was successfully performed  in June of 2014, and while she no longer has an ear opening or canal, she has no further infection or pain. If you look at Buffy, her repaired ear looks a little different on her head and she is still sensitive to anything rubbing against it but it is healed. Buffy was placed in a foster home and has been there since surgery.

While still in foster care, in August 2014, Buffy started limping and one of her front toes was infected.  After repeated treatments, it was decided that the toe should be amputated and the biopsy report found the tissue to be cancerous.  If there is a silver lining to this issue, the amputation showed clean and clear tissue where the tissue joined the foot so it is thought that the cancer was contained and totally removed.  Buffy is now more mobile and able to start back on the walks that she so loves.

As you have read, life has not been kind to Buffy.  She has been in and out of pain for so many years and that hard shell that she has around her heart has barely been cracked.  Her foster home is finally seeing Buffy feeling better, a little more ornery to the other fur kids living at the home, and exerting herself to be the main squeeze when attention is being given out.  We think she is finally ready for her own forever home!

Buffy's forever home should be a quiet home, adults only, without frequent small or young, active children around. She cannot easily do many steps inside or out and she would like her people to be home and active, not working, and available for short walks anywhere and everywhere.  She likes car rides too but she needs help getting in and out of high profile vehicles. She wants to be the only dog - the Queen of Sheba and the apple of your eye.  She wants attention, she is inquisitive about new house activities, she'll bark at people, dogs and cats walking by the house, but then she will go into another room and lie down, perhaps in her crate, perhaps in a corner, but she likes to shut out the world, turn down the noise level, and rest.

Buffy is on a few maintenance medications, but deserves a happy, healthy life now that she is pain free with no serious medical issues.  She doesn't get up on furniture or beds, she doesn't chew or dig and loves a good meal.  Will you give her that place of prominence in your life?