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Our Mission

The mission of SOAR is to rescue purebred Airedale Terriers who have found themselves without a home, and help them get started on the road to a happy, new life.

SOAR's Diana Muldaur Fund

Fund raising with star power. 

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Second Chance

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SOAR's Cindi Mysyk Fund

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2020 Aire Affaire Event

April 25, 2020

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Layla's Fund

Layla's Fund helps adoptive families with unexpected expenses.
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Before you inquire about one of our Airedales listed below, please take the time to read about our Adoption Process and fill out an Adoption Application on-line by clicking on the "Adoption Application" button found at the bottom of the "Adoption Process" page.


Senior Airedales   Special Needs Airedales

None at this time


None at this time


Airedales for Adoption by State


Airedales for Adoption by Age

Bruno - Ohio

Champ - Ohio

Bruno - 3 years

Champ - ~4 years


CHAMP  19-030-IL

Age: estimated 4 years

Weight: 69 pounds

State: Ohio

Contact: Lynn O'Shaughnessy at 517-546-8303 or

Champ has come back into rescue and is back at the kennel.  We were able to find out some additional things about him, though.  We had placed him as an only dog, but found out that he REALLY needs a playmate…preferably a girl that is about his size.  Another dale girl would be great.  He perked up immediately when he saw the other dogs at the kennel as he loved his playtime.  Champ does not like cats and should not have any young kids under the age of 10 because of his size and exuberance.  But he is a love bug and loves his humans too.

Here is a video of Champ playing with other dogs at the kennel:  

Would you like to be his new people?  If so, you will want to get an application in for him.  Let’s connect!


BRUNO  19-046-OH
     Adoption Pending

Age: 3 years (DOB 4 July 2016)

Weight: 76 pounds

State: Ohio

Contact: Lynn O'Shaughnessy at 517-546-8303 or

Bruno is a high energy Airedale who needs a job!  He is one who would benefit from regular walks and exercise along with some training.  He might even be good at some of the dog sports that are popular now.  He is strong, which is why it would be best if he got some training and lots of activity with his new family.

Bruno likes other dogs…in fact we will be looking for his new family to have another dog for him to play with.  He loves kids and people also and may want to snuggle in bed with you.  He HATES cats, though, so none of those at his new home. 

Bruno is an escape artist.  He has been known to flatten himself and squeeze through the bottom of a chain link fence like nobody’s business.  Your fence would need to be very secure.  He loves to be outdoors.  He does not like to be crated and had sever separation anxiety earlier in his life.  Now, he does fine at home without being crated.  He does not mind being kenneled and loves it when he has an indoor/outdoor run.

Does Bruno sound like the right dog for you?  He is waiting…