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Our Mission

The mission of SOAR is to rescue purebred Airedale Terriers who have found themselves without a home, and help them get started on the road to a happy, new life.

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This page is offered as a service to our supporters to help them with the placement of some of the wonderful Airedale mixes that need a home.

SOAR is not responsible in any way for the temperament or placement of the Airedale mixes listed on this page.  If you are interested in adopting any of them, you will need to contact the person listed directly.  Do not apply through SOAR.



Hello.  Our names are Daisy and Lily.  We are “almost” Airedales.  Dad is a registered, purebred Airedale, Mom’s heritage is mostly Airedale and some bloodhound.  Dad is a big guy, Mom is about our size.  We are no more than a year old and very svelt little girls, weighing around 40 pounds.  We really need to put on a few pounds and we're happy our food has improved in both quality and quanity.   We are up to date on our shots and have had “the operation” so no pups for us. We’ve had kind of a hard life, running loose up and down the roads of a Kentucky mountain where our family lived, until a really nice lady rescued us.  We are the last of our litter and our mom is already going to have pups again, (which the backyard breeder will try to sell), so no room for us.  We are working on learning to live inside and on our manners.  We are really smart (the Airedale in us)  and are with a trainer. We are already walking pretty well on a leash and learning basic commands.  We ride really well in a crate and we think it is a safe and comfortable place to sleep, and we are fine with other doggies.  We were around cats at the shelter and didn’t pay any attention to them, but we’re now being tested some more.  There was a neighbor who had a donkey so when we were tired of running or we were cold, we would curl up in the straw by him.   All we've known is being together, but we probably should go to separate homes to grow up.  Our new forever homes must have a fenced yard, preferably at least five feet tall, as we have been allowed to run free for a long time and know how to jump a short fence. 


Daisy and Lily are in the Cincinnati area.

If you can either foster one of us or give us a forever home, please contact Mary O’Connell,

Email –;  cell – (513)543-5700